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In the aftermath of a stolen bike

Carolyn Wang
2 min readApr 20, 2024
Bikey — my first road bike! (A lovely Purple Marinoni)

In honor of my first bike “Bikey” being stolen in college (my parents say it’s almost certainly a rite of passage for university students), I just wanted to write a tribute by saying:

After feeling very sad for a little while, I’m once again reminded of, and so grateful for, the health, safety, & happiness of myself, my family, my friends, and all the lovely people around me (including you, dear reader, whoever you are and wherever you may be). Material goods and possessions (however much physical or sentimental value they hold) are transient things, and they get lost or stolen sometimes. In the grand scheme of things, “stuff” is temporary. The people, opportunities, knowledge, health, memories, and other wonderful things we’re surrounded by are what’s important—and long-lasting.

So as a tribute: Thank you for all your time riding with me Bikey, and helping me go from bike-noob-who-crashes-into-poles to gal-who-kind-of-can-do-triathlons.

As for Bikey’s next lucky owner: I am certain you’ll love her — this cute little purple Marinoni road bike with Christmas lights—as much as I did. And may you have all the joyous rides I had with Bikey and so much more.

— XOXO ❤︎ Carolyn



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