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Carolyn Wang
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Last Updated: April 16, 2023.

Hiyas there! I’m not quite sure how you found me, but welcome to my blog! Here I publish little tidbits of introspection, life, hobbies, bursts of creativity, spurts of ideas, stories, and other things I find meaningful.

For a little bit about me (which may be updated every now and then), I am a senior in high school (go class of 2023!) with a love for writing, running, music, computational linguistic puzzles, meeting new people, and learning new things. You can often find me sticking my head in the fridge for peach yogurt, nosediving into a puzzle, jogging in the middle of nowhere (believe me, I’ve found myself in the weirdest of places), or scribbling notes on post-its splattered across my desk.

If you’re here to learn about my credentials and why you should read my writing, perhaps I can offer a little bit of credibility: I’m the Editor-In-Chief of my school newspaper, alumna of the Kenyon Review Young Writers (YW) Workshop and Juniper Institute for YW, my work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the Journalism Education Association of NorCal, & NHD-CA, and I’ve gotten a few runner-ups and honorable mentions from the New York Times contests. But I’d say the most convincing credential? I’m a total writing-fanatic.

I believe in the power of words. These tiny little building blocks of 字,palabras –– it’s a beautiful and fascinating art. Just a few hundred of them have the power to change people’s minds. It’s mind blowing!

By reading my writing, I hope you get a little bit more positivity, happiness, or insight in your day. Thank you for visiting and accompanying me on my writing journey.



If you’d like to read some of my favorite stories, I’ve listed them below. Otherwise, feel free to browse through my lists (categorized stories) or my homepage for stories ordered chronologically by date published.



Carolyn Wang

Writer, runner, musician & explorer. Learn more: carolynwangjy.medium.com/ae3eb5de2324

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