Let’s Help Each Other Get 200 Followers!

#100FollowersChallenge doubled because why not! Follow me and I’ll follow you back ^_^

Carolyn Wang
2 min readJul 21, 2022
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Heey! Although I’m not interested in the medium partner program (high school is too busy at this point), I do love a good community. (Go followers!! Who’s with me?) Many cool people have already embarked on this challenge, so why not join in the fun with a little twist?

  1. Follow me and I’ll follow you back. No unfollows ever. (+1 is better than none, ye?) And if I miss you, do pester me in the comments till I do!
  2. Introduce yourself in the comments and say something like “Follow me and I’ll follow you back, no unfollows!”
  3. Follow everyone who has already posted in the comments and give a clap on their post so they know it’s from you.
  4. Give this article 50 claps (or however many your fatigued fingers can spare) so more people can find it, comment, follow each other, and share!

If 50 people see this, you have 50 new followers. If 100, you have 100 more! If 200, we’re on fireee. Yaaaay!!

P.S. If I don’t follow you back immediately, I’m probably immersed in college apps hehe. But I promise I check at least twice a week (if not more), so I will follow you soon!! Currently at a fruitful 89 followers on July 20, 2022; let’s see how this goes!

Keep writing and supporting each other ❤

— Carolyn, aka goofyseal



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